Sound Borb r3lax Album MP3 Download

Created by Aetmos
Sound Borb r3lax is a 74-minute continuously-mixed album made up of professionally mastered renderings of eight wonderful borbs.

These lush landscapes of sound are made for relaxation, meditation, or just to sit back and enjoy. Listen to the rain on your imagination's front porch, visit the ocean in your mind, focus your thoughts with a tibetan singing bowl, or travel to the other side of the world with a didgeridoo (unless you already live in Australia, I guess). Each track has been recorded in multiple settings, and then randomly composed by using Sound Borb. These recordings don't go on forever, but they do go on for 74 minutes, and make it possible for you to listen to your favorite borbs on your stereo or on the go in your car, your iPod, or your MP3 player.

Here's the track list:

1 - Rain
2 - Forest
3 - Free Tibet
4 - Night
5 - Ocean
6 - Didgeridoo
7 - Wind
8 - River

Sound Borb r3lax is also available as a continuously mixed CD.