Platitudes of a Deconstructionist

Created by John Ingram
So, I'm proud to present the latest in my ongoing quest to explore new and increasingly less accessible methods of releasing Controlled Dissonance material. Platitudes of a Deconstructionist will become a limited series of releases based in multiple formats not conducive to passive experience. This series will push the limits of consumer interest and patience by introducing formats that allow... nay, demand listener interaction.

Version 1 of this series is available now as a Borb, for the mighty Sound Borb ambience generating system. As the name of the series implies, this release is deconstructed from a live performance utilizing the ATG Mini. Individual elements of the performance were culled and edited to provide the series of sounds used in the creation of this Borb. As the listener you have the ability to control certain aspects of the playback of these sounds to create your own version of this performance.

The sounds themselves are all derived from the ATG Mini and include semi-tonal plucked strings, looped bowed string drones, percussive slapped string rhythms and various string noises.

Heard enough of my mouth? Download it now. Be sure to read the obligatory README.txt for some installation quirks.