Created by Jobro
A magnificent borb concisting of 8 samples where each play a different part of an orchestra.

This is a step by step instruction how I thought when creating Borbasm and an idea on how I created it.

1. I started to play around in FL Studio one night around 3 AM, was tired but couldn't sleep so I had to get out my creativity first. So I loaded reFX Nexus and tested a slow mellow piano pattern thinking that this would be great to build something upon, so I switched patch to the bells you hear. This was the first part of Borbasm, and since I'd just recently got hold of SoundBorb I wanted to make some more pro borb then this shitty Siren song that I did first Very Happy

2. So I sat there thinking what to do next when I listened to a radio here in Stockholm, Sweden called P2 just playing classic orchestra music, dunno what they played but that's a different story, they played some rapid strings section and I thought that this would be a good addon to this neutral part of this borb. So I started to look into the library where I found a very nice suitable arpeggio. To make this neutral I didn't play any chord related notes, just C and G. I also made the strings controllable via Intensity.

3. Now for the sad part. I knew that I had to use something that was mello, but still had the potential to grab the listener with both hands. So I found this opera voice that I just love alot, and I created a simple yet beuatiful melody for it.

4. The sad part controllable via Intensity is a marching style drums + brass powerful and acurate. I added a second arpeggio as well playing one octave above the neutral strings

5. Now the happy part. I wanted something bombastic to be played here, so I created a magnificent choir with doubled melody octaves. I created a third arpeggio, this also one octave above the neutral arpeggio.

6. The happy intensity sound was another marching drums + brass with somewhat new melody